Balkan Work-based Learning Cooperation (WBL)

Governance, Skills, Cooperation with Business, Attractiveness 

Mission of the project

We are determined to enhance cooperation in our region to boost work-based learning (WBL) as  a tool for mitigating high unemployment rates, elevating the competitiveness of the region, and making it a more appealing destination for foreign investment.

Our consortium is representing four Balkan countries - Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Greece and Romania, but our ambition is in the process of project's implementation to engage more and more VET practitioners and policy-makers.


Policy recommendations GOVERNANCE


The Balkan WBL team is pleased to announce that its comprehensive policy recommendations document on GOVERNANCE is now freely accessible to the public. The document emphasizes the importance of continuous collaboration, regular updates to training standards, and active involvement of all stakeholders in the WBL ecosystem to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to the labour market.

We encourage all interested stakeholders to download and review this valuable resource.

Expert meeting on GOVERNANCE


Expert working group convened online to discuss the governance of work-based learning (WBL) in the Balkan region. Key topics included updating WBL occupations to meet industry demands, innovative curriculum design, defining roles within the WBL ecosystem, and securing sustainable funding for these initiatives.

The ongoing dialogue aims to enhance WBL governance and impact the future of vocational training in the region.

Progress update


The Balkan WBL Cooperation Project held a productive online meeting on March 8th. The project is making significant progress, with ongoing activities aligning well with strategic goals. Collaborative national research efforts are underway to improve work-based learning in the region.  

The project's focus on cross-national collaboration could lead to a broader model for regional policy development.

Project logo


The logo of our project is officially published. It symbolises our focus on work-based learning and our geographical scope, which is the Balkan region.

Blue and green colours symbolise our dedication to democracy, peace and green practices.

Kick-off meeting (Sofia)


WBL partners met in Sofia to kick-off project implementation. During the meeting each partner provided update on the current status of WBL in their country. 

Project manager from Modern Education Foundation provided a framework of concrete tasks and deliverables aspected, communication practices to be adopted and dissemination mechanism for the coming months. 

Erasmus+ Grant Agreement Signed


We are excited to share that we signed officially the grant agreement with Bulgarian National Agency (HRDC). 

Thank you for the high assessment of our project concept. We received 84 points out of 100.

It is satisfying to see that the quality of our project design received almost maximum points possible for this criterion. 


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